Here’s Why Online Courses are Crazy Popular

More than 5 million students take online courses every year.1 Are you one of them? If you’ve ever considered advancing your education, but thought you’d never be able to find a program to fit your hectic life, think again. Online courses could be the answer to your future!

They’re convenient. You get to take classes when and where it’s best for you. You can attend lectures, meet classmates, hand in assignments and take exams, all from the comfort of your own home or your favorite coffee shop. Although you will have due dates and deadlines, there’s much more flexibility on when and how you learn when you choose an online format.

You can save time and money on transportation. Don’t let transportation issues be a barrier to your education. If you just can’t get to campus or if courses aren’t offered when you can attend, online education is an easy solution. You’ll save money on fuel and you can hit the books while others are still commuting.

There are so many program options to choose from. Some courses are just a natural fit to online instruction. For example, doesn’t it just make sense to learn about computers while working on a computer? Courses in accounting, business, legal studies and more are also often a great match to online instruction.

You can blend online with on-campus programs. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, online courses can supplement on-campus programs. In fact, some studies have shown that students learn best in a blended learning format.2 “Blended learning breaks through the barriers of the use of time, place, path to understanding, and pace to allow each student to work according to his or her particular needs—whether that be in a group or alone, on practice problems or projects, online or offline. It preserves the benefits of the old and provides new benefits—personalization, access and equity, and cost control.”3

They can help you complete your degree. Many online programs are designed to supplement the education you already have. By bringing your existing credits into an online program, you may be able to complete that associate’s degree or turn an associate’s into a bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree into a master’s degree.

They could help advance your career. You can pursue an online degree while still pursuing your career. Studies have shown that additional education can lead to promotions, higher salaries and more opportunities.4