About us



At Global Employment Workforce, we engage with leading employers to offer jobs to our members. Our vision is to address the issue of unemployment, poverty and lack of access to resources in countries around the world. Finding jobs for our members is our number one priority!

Our Winning Culture

Our Values

Global Employment Workforce has based its values on the following actions:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to helping our members get jobs
  2. Act with integrity
  3. Focus on finding solutions to any questions that may arise concerning how to increase skills and globalize
  4. Engage discussions among people from across the world on our collaborative workspace
  5. Address issues and concerns immediately because finding jobs for our members is our number one priority and we want to remove all barriers in doing so
  1. Promote a safe, positive, educational and social environment
  2. Achieve results and celebrate our successes along the way
  3. Inspire creativity and innovation by helping our members optimize their talents and become entrepreneurs in a global market
  4. Customize trainings, webinars and other resources to meet the needs of our members considering their country of residence and the opportunities to collaborate with others across the world

Our History

Global Employment Workforce was inspired through assessing the needs of people in most of the major continents. The Founders of Global Employment Workforce are world travelers. In their visits to other countries, the major question asked was, “What is the major problem in your country? The resounding answer is “Jobs.”

Over 90% of people in impoverished areas need jobs. The Founders also discovered that the people who had jobs in underserved areas were underpaid and overworked. Another shocking discovery was that even though there was a high number of people who did not have jobs, mostly everyone had a cell phone and access to the Internet.

Based on these discoveries, the Founders decided to create a global platform that will give equal access to all of its members to be hired immediately for virtual jobs and to be connected to local jobs in their countries.

Global Employment Workforce is proud to be one of the world’s leading platforms that is providing jobs and connecting people from all over the world to interact in a collaborative workspace, and provides access to resources at the click of a button. Global Employment Workforce is a microcosm of the leading global job agencies like Adecco, Ranstad, Allegis, Hays, Monster and Indeed.com.

"Although we may be a small organization in a big industry, we take advantage of that by showing extra care in making sure our members have access to jobs, training and social interaction. Finding Jobs is our number one priority." - Founder